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Our Brokers are Certified! Are Yours?

July 14, 2015

 Louis D. Memmolo, GBA, CHRS, Michael D. Reckner, CHRS and Debra S. Shears, GBA, CHRS have completed the Requirements to Become Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists®.

The Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® (CHRS) designation shows that they have educated themselves into the intricacies and regulations of the Affordable Care Act, and know how to ensure plans remain in compliance with the new law.  In order to receive this designation they completed 8 educational classes taught by national leaders of healthcare reform, and passed a rigorous 100-question exam.

Aside from the education they received, Louis, Michael and Debra also have access to educational webcasts detailing changes in the law as they happen so they are always informed. If any questions should arise, they can also reach the instructors to reach out to the instructors for further clarification. The CHRS designation is endorsed by the Healthcare Reform and Policy Institute.